Niniwalker: A new way of learning to walk !

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Niniwalker, ¿what is it?

Niniwalker© is a childcare article designed for babies to learn to walk by taking a natural posture and proper physiologically.
Thanks to niniwalker ©, the adult can teach the baby taking a walk upright and natural position, without bending your back.
Going invariably accompanied by an adult, reduces the risk of accidents or tripping characteristic of the learning stage.
Niniwalker © allows you to discover and strengthen motor skills.

The baby is in an anatomically appropriate and proper posture up and learn to walk on all surfaces

Niniwalker, when?

Its simple and practical shape helps the transition from crawling to walking safely and appropriate physiologically in infants between 8 and 16 months.

Unlike traditional walkers, niniwalker © is only used when the baby is ready to use it, what depends on if he or she can grab the handlebar and is strong enough to stand up on his or her own. This important difference is what makes the niniwalker a safe learning method.

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Not long ago, my son Raul (11 months) is, thanks to the gift of friends, user of a wonderful walker Niniwalker G3, with whom he is really happy, because it is helping a lot in the adventure of learning to walk. what is a server . Terlimolvingring


My name is Maria Paulina and I live in Bogota, Colombia. We have a baby 13 months and helped us niniwalker our daughter is already walking. My husband bought it on a trip he made to Mexico and some friends recommended it. Tertfriscahasar


Dear Antonio, my name is Moses, thanks for the information submitted in the end I gave the niniwalker and they have been a hit with family and friends, even before you start using it. tourist attractions expiration of domains . available domains Antropofagie


We met at the Cologne Fair, we are the Franco Mexican couple. We gave the niniwalker for my baby and we were fascinated, so we always ride!.
Regards, we remain in touch!


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A perfect Mother’s day gift!

Niniwalker, isn’t it a great Mothers day gift?
Mommies will be delighted while her child will be progressing with their firsts steps!
Thanks to this new and world wide patented concept, Toddlers will learn safely and comfortably, at a time of great cognitive emotional and physiological development.


He was born thanks to the concern of a father teaching his daughter to walk with the traditional method of taking the baby by the hands.

Tired of awkward postures and back pain, a craft designed and manufactures niniwalker. The invention called so much attention from other parents, who decided to improve the design and materials.

He also noted that niniwalker© allowed expedite learning baby since the rides were longer and comfortable. Both walked more naturally and adult presence reinforced security.

Then, more prototypes and studies with other parents and pediatricians, development companies, patents, approvals, finally commercial product development and here we are!.



Niniwalker© is a safe product approved and recommended by pediatricians.

Every Niniwalker© are sold with harness.

It has been tested in laboratories AIJU, Association of Research Industry and Related Toys related, is the notified body n-0369 in the European Union under Directive 88/378/EEC on the safety of toys. Advise on the drafting of technical documentation that this directive requires to demonstrate compliance with the essential safety requirements and CE marking.

Materials: aluminum and recyclable polyamides, Phthalates free.