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Why does niniwalker works ?

Niniwalker will be her/his first bike !
When toddler still not walking he/she will look for her/his mum or dad support and security.
Handlebar allows her/him to stand up even when crawling thanks to a world wide patented curved shape and adult help.
Then first steps and lets discover the new world!
They won’t stop walking!

Alternative agains traditional baby walker

Niniwalker is an alternative against traditional baby walker. Those forbidden on many countries as Canada or Australia due to so many accidents derived from the praecox autonomy of the babies when using it. On the contrary the niniwalker is always safe and seems to be their first bike, but always guided by an adult. find a domain . how to find my ip address
What is more the baby grabs its handlebar instinctively like the kid learning to ride a bike. Then the first step followed by their first promenade!